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Kids2Talk develops and pilots a box full of toys for children between 3 and 7 years of age with bi- or multilingual background. The box will contain innovative toys and games to support children in their multilingual development. The materials will also help trainers and educators to better accompany multilingual children in Europe during their early stages of development.

The toys will show kids how to enjoy languages, words, sentences and grammar. Languages are seen as a very important element of cultural values characteristic for Europe with its multitude of languages and dialects. Kids from all social levels will explore languages and the culture behind those simple words and phrases.

Kids2Talk actively supports multilingualism. All toys and learning materials take into account the children’s age and their special needs and preferences.

Kids2Talk develops and pilots toys and materials for innovative use in early childhood education in kindergardens, pre-schools and first year at primary schools. The toys support early development of language skills and competences. They will awaken a child’s curiosity for other languages and will help them to respect other cultures and ways of expression thus helping them to become active citizens in a global European Union.

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